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I conduct relationship workshops in Delray Beach on a regular basis.  You're welcome to attend any of them. Please call or e-mail to get dates or to register.  I will also present a workshop in your town if there are enough participants to make it feasible.  I'll even give you a group rate if you're interested.

Here's a listing and brief description of my current workshops:

                     Relationship Dynamics  This is a presentation (Power Point) designed to give you                      new insight into the workings of  relationships. You will learn to overcome barriers to                      intimacy and to add depth and richness to your love relationships.  The atmosphere is                      informal.  You are encouraged to ask questions.  The workshop runs about 3 or 4 hours.                      The cost is $50. per person.

                    Couples Intensive  This is an experiential workshop in which couples discover and                      work through some of the more common pitfalls of a relationship.  Power struggles are a                      primary focus.  This is a group  experience and, as its title suggests, it can be quite                      intense.   You are supported throughout by professional staff.  The workshop takes place                      over two days.  The cost is $500. per couple.

                    Relationship Focused Parenting   I believe the relationship the parent (or other                     caretaker) and the infant is the primary determinant of who that infant will grow up to be                     and how well that child will adapt to the world. In this workshop I'll explain why I feel this                     way and I'll help you develop parenting skills that will enable you to put these ideas  into                     practice.  This workshop is participatory.  Everyone contributes from their own                     understanding and experience.  It is a one day workshop and the cost is $200. per person.





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