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"I do a lot of reading.  I do a lot of thinking.  I meet and talk to a lot of interesting people on my travels.  I've set this page aside as a place where I can write about some of my thoughts and, hopefully, provoke some interactions with those of you who visit the site."                                        ..........Jerry Button



Today I'm wondering why people value relationships

so little?  They are ready to spend money to hire a

personal trainer at the gym.  They're ready to spend

money on clothes, cosmetics, hair stylists cars and

whatever else they think will make them "look" better

for whoever is doing the looking, but they're not

willing to invest in their inner "selves".


Of course, I've got a vested interest in the answer

to this question, but beyond that, it mystifies me

how peole can miss the fact that others relate to

them and not to their wrappings.  Perhaps it's due

to people's inability to know themselves.  Perhaps

they are trying in some way to create a "self" out

of the superficial trappings that they can buy and

"put on".


How much better it would be if those same people

were to get to know their true "selves" better so they

could attract and engage those with whom they want

to relate in ways that give meaning to their lives.


Is it scary to look inward?  I suppose it may be, but

if you fail to do so you will go through life lonely!


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