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 Intensive Consultation


  In response to requests for something which is not as brief and

  impersonal as e-advice, nor as long term and involved as a

  guided relationship exploration, I am offering an hour long intensive



  We will spend an hour together on the phone.  You will tell me as much as

  you can about whatever issue is troubling you.  I will ask questions and

  analyse the situation and talk to you about my conclusions.  Then, between

  us we will "brainstorm" the matter and develop one or more immediate

  things that you can do to bring about the changes you would like.


  If this appeals to you, call and leave a message (or e-mail me) so that we

  can set up a time for the consultation.  If an hour is too long or too intense,

  we can break it down into two half hour sessions


  The charge for this consultation is $75. and can be paid by PayPal,

  credit card (fax or call and leave information on voice mail) or by check

  or money order.




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