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Relationship Help And You


#1 You are unique!   Your situation is unique!  You deserve individual attention!

            #2You've got to do something if you want things to be different!

                    #3Helping people with relationship problems is an art.


Hi, my name is Jerry Button.  I've learned the importance of these three statements

during the many years I've helped people in my therapy practice in Delray Beach, Florida.

I've been successful primarily because I have learned to listen closely and carefully to

what people have to say.  Then we have worked together to find solutions.


 If you choose to work with me, you'll have to decide how to best put my knowledge

and  experience to work for you!   I suggest some ways you might do this on the 

guided relationship exploration, intensive consultation, advice and workshop pages

on this site, but you may prefer some other approach.  If so, just let me know.


Because I firmly believe that solutions need to be tailored to your own individual situation,

you'll find that I don't promote the feel good simplistic advice of the TV psycho-evangelist

or the  formula driven, "one size fits all" or "follow the dots" approaches of self-help books

and many web sites.  I will listen to you and give you individual attention!    


I don't like to pay before I know what I'm going to get.  I don't expect that  you do either.

Call or e-mail.  Let's talk.  The first "session" is free and you can decide whether or not

you want to continue.  Because I'm "semi-retired", I've made my ongoing charges very low

(much lower than most web sites that I've looked at).  I'm confident you'll get your money's




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