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Got a question?  Need advice?  Click on the e-mail link below and ask.  Give me as much background information as you can so that I can offer the best possible advice.  Questions will be answered within a few hours and never later than 24 hours.  I charge $20. for each answer.  Please let me know in your e-mail how you are paying.

You can pay by PayPal (click on link below) or you can pay by credit card (the safest way is to fax or call and leave the number and expiration date on my voice-mail) or check or money order.  If you choose check or money  order, you'll have to wait until I receive them before you get your answer.  

I'm also willing to answer your questions on the phone.  You'll have to contact me to schedule a time, however, and the charge for phone answers is $25. Go to guided relationship exploration or intensive consultation for details.

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